UNIC’s Technology Group brings together experts from major cinema operators and national cinema associations to monitor and discuss technology developments around digital cinema, exchange expertise and best practices and liaise with other groups such as the European Digital Cinema Forum orNATO’s technology committee.

The group examines trends and developments relating to:

  • Digital roll-out
  • DCP deliveries
  • KDM deliveries
  • Alternative content/event cinema delivery
  • Access and disability
  • Naming conventions
  • HFR
  • Laser illumination
  • 3D sound
  • Audience engagement in the digital world
  • Digital screen advertising
  • Other

UNIC members participating so far include:

Cinémas UGC, Odeon Cinemas, Pathé Gaumont, Cineworld, Film & Kino (Norway), Kinepolis, FNCF (France), Nordisk Film Cinemas, Mars Entertainment Group

This site will be regularly updated with reports, data and other findings which will also be disseminated to our members.

Should you be interested to learn more about the Technology Group, please contact: Guillaume Branders     gbranders@unic-cinemas.org