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Technology Group & Partners Virtual Seminar – 27 January 2021

On 27 January, UNIC organised a virtual seminar on cinema technology, involving members of the UNIC Technology Group as well as industry partners. The event was hosted and co-moderated by our colleagues at Celluloid Junkie and Filmgrail, best known for their great work with the CJ Cinema Summit, a webinar launched in 2020 to help the global motion picture community reconnect during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The UNIC seminar brought together over 100 industry colleague for three hours of a packed programme, which included a series of presentations, panels, interviews and testimonials from cinema operators as well as key manufacturers and service providers. The event touched upon a broad range of topics specifically related to cinema technology, with a focus on the impact of COVID-19 on the industry and the road to recovery.

The first topic to be discussed was related to optical safety distances for lamp projectors, which  became of relevance to European cinema operators following the publication of a new standard in late 2020. The following panels deep dived into the different short to long term consequences of the current crisis on cinema technology, from the perspective of different stakeholders in the film and cinema value chain. Jan Rasmussen, Head of Screen Technology, Nordisk Film Cinemas, moderated a conversation which focused on the practical aspect of the recovery process, looking at the daily challenges faced by cinema operators when it comes to the equipment they own or that they plan to invest in. This was followed by a session moderated by Patrick von Sychowski, Editor, Celluloid Junkie, exploring the practical impact of the pandemic on the cinema-going experience and audience engagement, with a focus on the relevance of cinema technology, premium formats and content. The last panel of the seminar, moderated by David Hancock, Director, Cinema at OMDIA, provided an overview of the broad impact of the current crisis on cinema technology and its various stakeholders, from content production to the Big Screen.

The event also included video updates from members of the UNIC Partnership Programme and other associations involved in cinema technology. Several members of the UNIC Technology Group took part in the seminar by contributing via live interviews or recorded testimonials, sharing their thoughts on the future of the cinema experience as we look forward to the large-scale reopening around Europe and globally.

The recording of the event can be found online via this link.

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