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UNIC Retail Group Meeting - Tallinn 19 March

The UNIC Retail Group Meeting took place Apollo Kino in Tallinn on 19 March 2024 – a first!

The goal of this gathering was to bring together a working group to discuss recent and upcoming trends in retail for cinema operators, new concepts of customers journeys and share best practices related to the circular economy in the cinema industry. In addition, it was an opportunity for cinema operators across Europe to visit some flagship venues of the Apollo group, discover their innovative concession concepts and premium auditoriums.

Nick Gault, Senior Director Away from Home Customer and Commercial Leadership at Coca-Cola, opened the meeting and welcomed the attendees. The event kicked off with an industry update from Laura Houlgatte, CEO of UNIC, and a brief presentation on the legal background in Europe regarding packaging and circular economy. Kadri Ärm, CEO of Apollo Kino, dived into the history and key elements of the largest cinema operator in the Baltics. Cinema exhibition is one of the branches of Apollo Group, a leading entertainment company which manages bookstore chain, restaurants and café franchises, film production and distribution, entertainment centres and a cinema sales software. The meeting continued with an overview of recent and upcoming retail trends from other sectors, held by Sarah Girling and Prill Brewin of the Blue Stocking Partnership. Kadri Kaldma, Business Development Manager at Apollo Kino, presented Apollo’s newly launched food & beverage self-service concept, improving the customer journey and cinema experience. Robert Kokk from Apollo Group introduced their in-house sales software Markus, through which visitors can purchase both tickets and concession products at the self-service kiosks and which includes a new feature for meals and drinks orders from individual tablets in the dine-in auditoriums.

The second part of the meeting focused on sustainability and circular economy with a presentation of the Spanish industry-wide initiative “Audiovisual Alliance for Sustainability” by Jaime Tarrazon from FECE. This was followed by a group discussion on current initiatives of European operators to implement green practices in cinema concessions, from reusable cups to recyclable packaging and waste management.

The afternoon was dedicated to visiting two multiplexes of Apollo Kino group, with innovative auditorium design and multiple seating formats, from double seats and fully reclinable VIP Star Seats with an exclusive service, to chaise longues and sofas. The new self-service concession concept was also presented to participants.

Huge thanks to Coca-Cola, The Blue Stocking Partnership and Apollo Kino for co-organising this fantastic day!

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