UNIC screening of Riders of Justice on 11 January

UNIC organised a private screening of the Danish film Riders of Justice on 11 January at the Palace cinema in Brussels.

The event, which was the first UNIC screening since March 2020, brought together a range of policymakers and stakeholders from the European film sector. This informal gathering offered a unique opportunity to meet in person and enjoy a fantastic film on the Big Screen.

Laura Houlgatte, UNIC CEO, introduced the film and shared a few words on the value of cinema exhibition. 

Riders of Justice, starring Mads Mikkelsen and directed by Anders Thomas Jensen - the acclaimed eye behind the highly successful Danish titles Land of Mine and Men & Chicken, among others - is a darkly humorous tale of revenge that demonstrates the quality and diversity that define European cinema productions. The film was the second most popular title in Denmark in 2021, just behind Another Round - also starring Mads Mikkelsen. It is currently screened in Belgian cinemas, so make sure to book your ticket!

The screening could not have taken place without the support of September Film, the Belgian distributor of Riders of Justice, as well as the Palace cinema who kindly hosted us for the evening.

Looking forward to our next screening! 


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