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UNIC at the Norwegian cinema conference

UNIC attended this week the Norwegian cinema conference, organised by the national cinema association Film&Kino from 7-11 November in Trondheim.

This annual event brings together more than 150 Norwegian cinema operators and other local as well as international industry stakeholders, for a week of presentations, roundtables and networking.

On 8 November, UNIC CEO Laura Houlgatte did a presentation on the state of the European cinema industry, sharing recent box office performances for the region as well as an update on ongoing challenges.  She also shared the highly positive results from the many national cinema days initiatives that were launched across Europe in September and October, attracting millions of cinema-goers and further demonstrating audiences’ appetite for the Big Screen experience. Later on the same day, UNIC Senior Industry Relations Manager Guillaume Branders did a presentation on film piracy and windows, highlighting the link between day-and-date releases and high piracy rates.

The conference featured a series of great presentations on diversity, inclusion, audience engagement, technology as well as cinema policy and support schemes in Scandinavian countries, among many other topics. We were delighted to hear our colleague Mariam El Bacha from Cinemaxx-Vue share sharing her experience on the importance of understanding cultural differences and adapting to local habits and preferences. Patrick von Sychowski gave a fantastic presentation on streaming and the future of windows, commenting on recent news and developments in the global audiovisual industry. We also had the delight to hear Mark Christiansen from Paramount Pictures share his incomparable knowledge on the complexity of creating hundreds of versions of a film in order to make it available to audiences wordlwide. 

This incredible event served as a perfect occasion to meet the diverse range of Norwegian cinema operators and get to know the market better. Congratulations to Film&Kino for organising such a successful event!

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