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CineEurope 2021: Thank you for joining us!

CineEurope, the biggest and the most dynamic convention for cinema operators and their partners across Europe, the Middle East and Africa, took place on 4 – 7 October 2021 and brought the industry together to celebrate the resilience of the Big Screen Experience.

CineEurope 2021 celebrated its 30th anniversary last week, in a special October edition that took place in Barcelona.  After almost two years of zoom and online events, CineEurope 2021 served as wonderful opportunity to network, reconnect and debate - and much more! - being the first offline pan-European convention since June 2019.

Together with Film Expo Group, we celebrated the ongoing recovery of the sector and looked at the future of the Big Screen.

Highlights of the event include a panel sponsored by Creative Europe MEDIA on the role of local films, an executive roundtable exploring the future cinema landscape, a focus session on future cinema design and a seminar exploring audiences’ behaviour and the new cinema experience. In addition, the Coca-Cola sessions presented key opportunities to emerge stronger from the crisis, to drive sustained growth and build back greener, while the ICTA sessions looked into various innovative solutions for cinemas.

The CineEurope Trade Show gathered companies who showcased their products for enhancing the cinema-going experience.

Both Hollywood and European studios shared some of their great line-ups for the coming months, and Tom Cruise joined us in Barcelona to introduce Top Gun: Maverick and underline his love and support for the Big Screen.  In addition, the Russian distributor, Central Partnership, presented an exciting slate of their own, including Challenge, the first ever film shot in space.

For UNIC, CineEurope 2021 also coincided with the publication of its Annual Report, examining key cinema trends across the 38 territories represented by the association.

We hope you enjoyed the convention as much we did and we cannot wait to see you at CineEurope 2022, scheduled for June 20-23. Save the date!

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