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Lux Audience Award Open call - European elections

As we approach the European elections (6-9 June 2024), the LUX Audience Award is reaching out to cinemas across the European Union to encourage citizens to vote. 

The Lux Audience Award can provide cinemas with ad-hoc materials to support the European elections campaign, including Digital Cinema Packages (DCPs) of the official promotional video. These materials are designed to be screened before or after film showings, reaching diverse audiences and encouraging them to participate in the elections. 

The official launch of the campaign will take place on 29 April. At the heart of this campaign lies a collection of videos, among which, a 4 minutes documentary called “Pass It On” and a 30 seconds adaptation, specifically adapted for the cinemas. All the assets are available in 33 languages.

In you are interested, please contact :

More information here: 

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