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UNIC at the EDCF Conference in Amsterdam

On 6 and 7 February, UNIC took part in the annual convention of the European Digital Cinema Forum (EDCF), at Pathé Tuschinski in Amsterdam.

The EDCF​​​​​​​ conference kicked off with a welcome speech by EDCF President, Cathy Huis in ’t Veld Esser. This was followed by an industry update presented by David Hancock, Chief Analyst, Media and Entertainment, Omdia.

A session on Artificial Intelligence included a presentation on AI in film production by Gloria Swoboda (Antoni Berlin), followed by an overview by Richard Welsh (Deluxe) on AI in the content pipeline (post-production, subtitling, captions, etc.) and then an open discussion on the future on this technology in the cinema industry.

A panel discussion followed on “Cinema Software Tech and the View of the Market Conditions” with Guillaume Branders (DX), Till Cussmann (Vista), Andreas Stier (One Cinema) moderated by David Hancock. Matthew Jones (CinemaNext) presented some innovative cinemas in the Netherlands and laser projection deployment in the country.

Jan Runge (ICTA) organised a workshop to brainstorm ideas on training needs in cinema technology. This was followed by a presentation by Sonia Ragone (UNIC) on the UNIC People Programme, focusing on supporting the cinema industry in recruiting, developing, and retaining talents. The aim of the UPP is to help maintain the cinema industry’s position as an employer of choice.

The last session of the day included some insights from the Netherlands, host country of the convention. Bas Stolwijk (Pathé) shared the priorities of Pathé Netherlands, such as investing more in gaming, food & beverage and immersive experiences. The innovative cinema concept The AnyThing was introduced to the attendees, with on-demand boutique screening rooms for a private cinema experience. Frank Groot (Kino Rotterdam) shared an update on the Dutch arthouse cinemas, their priorities and 2023 results.

The first day concluded with a panel on event cinema and its trends and development, with Bas Stolwijk (Pathé) & Steven Clerima (Kinepolis).

The second day started off with a guided visit to Pathé Tuschinski, a superb cinema from the 1920’s which retains the original charm and architecture of the time. The second cinema visit was at Pathé de Munt, which offer the latest technologies, like 4DX and Dolby Cinema, and innovative ticketing and concessions concepts. The final debate of the conference was dedicated to High Dynamic Range (HDR) in cinemas, moderated by Tom Bert (Barco), with Chris Connet (Christie), Adam McDonald (GDC- Tech), Jan Rasmussen (Nordisk) and Jan Harmsen (Kinopolis). The convention concluded with a visit to the Eye Film Museum.

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