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UNIC in Cannes 2023

UNIC joined the 76th edition of the Cannes Film Festival and took part in various events from 18 May to 23 May 2023. It was a great edition of the Cannes Film Festival, breaking attendance records.

On 18 May, UNIC attended the European Film Forum entitled “Looking Ahead: a Vision for the European Audiovisual and Media Industries”, where Commissioner Thierry Breton unveiled the Media Outlook - the European Commission report on the media and audiovisual market, followed by a panel. UNIC then met with MEP Geoffroy Didier (EPP, FR) and with the assistant of MEP Salima Yenbou (Greens, FR). On the same day, UNIC also met with members and with colleagues from the film and audiovisual industry. 

On 19 May UNIC attended the panel “Producers, Films and Audiences: How to Connect the Dots” on the role of producers in both understanding audience development and creating joint efforts across the value chain to attract bigger audiences. This was followed by a lunch together with the European Commission and Europa Cinemas to discuss the current issues linked to cinema exhibition. In the afternoon UNIC was present at European Audiovisual Observatory session for the launch of the 2023 edition of the FOCUS – World Film Market Trends report. UNIC also met with MEP Maurel (GUE, FR). 

On Saturday 20 several industry events took place at the Film Market. The day started with UNIC attending a panel organised by the Committee on Culture and Education of the European Parliament and Lux Audience on the role of cultural and creative sector in Europe, and the second European Audiovisual Observatory conference, with the contribution of UNIC member Asger Flygare Bech-Thomsen, Nordisk Film Cinemas CEO. Afterwards, UNIC CEO Laura Houlgatte held a presentation at the European Producers Club Conference. The MPA and FIAPF co-organised the conference “The Creative Approach to Sustainability – From Storytelling to Action” discussing how producers and filmmakers from Europe and the US can help shape the narrative around sustainability and inspire actions on screen and behind the camera. In the afternoon the French CNC hosted a round table on piracy and measures taken by French authorities to fight it, with an opening speech by Charles Rivkin, MPA CEO. At the same time, UNIC team was attending a short presentation of the Media Outlook by the European Commission. UNIC then met with MEP Laurence Farreng (Renew, France) and with Christian Braüer, President of the CICAE. 

The day closed with the panel co-organised by UNIC together with European Audiovisual Production Association (CEPI); the International Federation of Film Producers Associations (FIAPF); the International Federation of Film Distributors' and Publishers' Association (FIAD) and the International Video Federation (IVF). The event entitled “Projecting Progress: How best to cultivate and grow audiences in a dynamic and diverse film landscape” was moderated by Laura Houlgatte with contributions from the speakers Kim Foss, Managing Director of Grand Teatret and Camera Film, Anders Kjaerhauge, CEO of Zentropa and Robert Enmark, Head of International Acquisition at SF Studios. At the crux of the debate was the shared view that current cinema admissions and box office revenues indicate strong demand for the theatrical experience and that the film industry must continue to work together to maintain this positive trend whilst also developing efforts to engage with and reach new audiences. Speakers, who represented the whole sector value chain, offered perspectives on how the industry can continue to produce, distribute and exhibit – offline and online – films that meet consumer demand and offer new cinematographic experiences. The event’s press release is available here.

On 21 May UNIC attended a panel hosted by the Lux Audience Award and the European Film Academy on the audience’s impact on film social media platforms to influence marketing and production. Input by Letterboxd, Rotten Tomatoes and Torino Film Lab nourished the discussion. Afterwards, UNIC joined the Europa Cinemas Network Meeting. After an overview of the 2022 results across Europe by the European Audiovisual Observatory, Claude-Eric Poiroux then presented the 2022 performance of the Europa Cinemas network. Contributions from Usheru and Picl followed, and the meeting concluded with the presentation of the ongoing Network initiatives, namely a survey on the economic, social and environmental role of cinemas and Collaborate to Innovate support scheme. UNIC members then met for dinner. 

On Monday 22, UNIC listened to the presentation of the Nostradamus report by analyst and author Johanna Koljonen, followed by a panel discussion with industry professionals. Cannes Film Festival was also the opportunity for UNIC to test the demo of upcoming laser HDR projectors, unveiled for the first time in Europe.

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