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UNIC Women’s Cinema Leadership Programme: Get-together at CineEurope and launch of the 6th edition

On 22 June, mentors and mentees of the UNIC Women’s Cinema Leadership Programme met at CineEurope for a session of networking, insightful discussions and experience sharing.

Monica Chadha, Independent Director, moderated the meeting and ensured that it all ran smoothly.

We kicked-off the session with “networking with purpose” to get mentees and mentors to know each other. This was followed by a conversation with an inspirational speaker. We were honoured to be joined by Sarah Lewthwaite, CEO Movio, who shared her path to leadership and her own experience as mentor.

Following this, the floor was given to the 5th edition of mentors and mentees, who walked us through their mentoring journey and best practices. We also welcomed thoughts on their dos and don’ts.

We then turned to the new intake of mentors and mentees who introduced themselves and talked more about the year to come.

As always, the session was empowering – and way too short!  To properly celebrate the get-together, UNIC also organized networking drinks..

We cannot wait for the next session of the group, which will take place during the UNIC Cinema Days in November 2022. Until then, mentors and mentees of the sixth edition will work on their mentoring goals, and UNIC will be there to facilitate their journey.

You can find more information about our programme and its participants here.

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